The Holidays!

Sometimes between working, the family, commitments and just plain old life circumstances, we just don’t alway enjoy adding the holidays into the mix. We are so busy. How about slowing down, taking a deep breath and having some fun shopping for a change.

3  steps to make this year easier:

  1. Make your list of everyone you want to give a gift to. I include the dog groomer, the hair dresser and so on…for tips.
  2. Decide on gifts before you leave the house to go shopping or click that computer button. When deciding on a gift, really think of the person you are shopping for. Create a list and fill it in. I even include which stores I have to go to.
  3. Then execute your plan. Get it done. Pick a day, maybe plan a day off and get it all done, enjoy a lunch out while you are at it.

Here’s some holiday ideas:

  • Theme baskets, if you know a person or a couple who love the movies, get them tickets, popcorn, a cozy blanket a DVD, make it fun. Create baseball or football theme baskets!
  • Candies or cookies. Can you bake? With this recipe anyone can! 5 minute fudge I make the wreath, cut it up into squares and fill plates as gifts. I wrap in red cellophane and plop a bow on it…I have people asking for these every year!
  • Restaurant gift cards, find out their favorite restaurant and surprise them with a gift card to it!
  • Stocking stuffers – candy, chap stick, gloves, socks, things they can actually use!
  • Don’t forget your fury kids shopping at Chewy is so easy, fast delivery and great prices! I say we make the holidays a relaxing time instead of it adding stress to our days. We have enough stress in our lives!

So whether you plan to do all your shopping online or at the local mall, I do encourage shopping local mom and pop stores! Let’s support our communities. Try to plan a fun adventure out of it. I go way before the lines start forming, I like reserving the holidays…well, for the holidays. I am usually done shopping before Thanksgiving, if I am not I already know what I am purchasing. Check out  some great shopping apps 2022  to make your holiday easier!

I know lots of people not doing gifts anymore but going back to celebrating more with family and friends and making the holidays about people versus gifts. Giving experiences instead of more “stuff”. Like movie or play tickets and theme park tickets for the kids.

So whether you are gift buying or not I am wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday and beyond!


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14 Responses to The Holidays!

  1. Janet Barclay says:

    I love these ideas. Sometimes we really overcomplicate things, don’t we?

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  2. Some great basic ideas here. Thanks for posting.

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  3. I love that you mentioned shopping at local mom-and-pop stores! We have a wonderful town near us that only has small businesses real shops. I go there at least once every Christmas season. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. I haven’t given restaurant cards before, but I think this is a great idea. This year, with food being so expensive, I think eating out may be considered a luxury. Another idea is a gift to Uber Eats, for that busy night when you just don’t have time to cook!

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  5. I always get so anxious around the holiday season, but this post really helps to break down all the obligations into small steps and plan!

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  6. juliebestry says:

    These are stellar ideas for simplifying the holidays and making this whole process less stressful. I don’t celebrate Christmas, and all my friends’ kids are grown, so I don’t buy any presents, but these are great tips to implement.

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    • lisagessert says:

      Thank you Julie! I am not giving much this year either…some tips, etc….everything should not be about what you give or get it’s should be about the people who love you and whom you love.


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