Health Benefits to Being Organized

  • Boost Your Energy and Productivity. According to WebMD, decluttering the items around you can boost your physical and mental energy.
  • Reduce Stress and Anxiety.
  • Sleep Better.
  • Lose Weight.
  • Improve Your Financial Health.STOP blind shopping, shop with intent. is it a NEED or a WANT?
  • Choosing a healthy Lifestyle – This puts you in control of your life
  • Less Paper = Less Piles = Less Stress

Imagine your life with less “stuff” in it. Less clothing, less chachkies, less paper, less bills. Picture it, let yourself “see” it. Less to clean, less decisions to make when picking what to wear and more money saved!

  • Hang your clothes when you take them off
  • Make your bed each morning
  • Eat well – plan meals
  • Exercise – walk, yoga, do something..anything physical
  • Keep a journal and a daily planner
  • READ! Books are just great for the brain, for the imagination for many reasons….
  • Go paperless – or mostly paperless
  • Get rid of everything – clothes that no longer fit, or are old, that don’t make you happy!! things cluttering your home that you truly have no idea why you are even keeping them, piles of paper you will never get to the bottom of!

Get started…start small and add something weekly to get your life in order, flowing easier…enrich your time here.


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10 Responses to Health Benefits to Being Organized

  1. Linda Samuels says:

    Less, less, and less. I am with you 100%. Although as a caveat, I don’t advocated getting rid of things just for the sake of less. But if there is intention around releasing with solid reasons as you’ve described, then great! Edit, let go, and see what life feels like with less.

    I’ve been on a journey to reduce stuff for a year plus. It began with releasing physical stuff. I’ve donated and sold things and tried to ‘weed out’ those things that have “homes” but no purpose anymore. This led to another journey of losing weight. I’m still a work in progress and know it will lead to other types of letting go. I like the feeling of lightness that letting go brings.

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    • lisagessert says:

      Thank you Linda for sharing. I too am letting go of “stuff” today was 2 bags of clothing and belts. Next will be weight, I have carried the extra pounds as a shield, against loss, and lack of motivation. Today I have made some positive first step changes….I appreciated your blog this morning. Keep on your good path and I will keep good thoughts for you as you move forward.


  2. Kimberley says:

    Those health benefits are all I need to feel motivated to work on decluttering my mind and my home. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  3. If this list of benefits doesn’t motivate everyone to get organized, I don’t know what will. Thanks for creating this list.


  4. juliebestry says:

    Yup! Less of what you don’t need allows you to have (and find) more of what you do need and want. I know that I’m stressed if I have to search for anything because it’s not in its assigned place, and stress impacts everything — diet, sleep, ability to exercise, ability to focus, even the ability to breathe properly! Great advice!

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  5. Janet Barclay says:

    I knew being organized was beneficial, but I didn’t realize how much!

    I recently stayed at the home of someone who tends to be on the minimalist side to begin with, but she’s recently re-arranged some furniture and got rid of a bunch, and wow, does it feel light and airy now!

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