Office on the Go!

Your organizing doesn’t end with just your home or your desk at the office...

I have had clients who work out of their cars, just to name a few… sales people, photographers, realtors, pharmaceutical sales, including organizers like myself. Let’s not forget the moms on the go who shuffle kids back and forth to school and sporting practices. There is no reason not to stay organized if your office is out of your home and conventional office and you use your car to hop from client to client.

Utilizing trunk space is necessary for everyone. Even cars can get out of control if you use them often enough, using the right organizing solutions for paperwork, sales items, kids supplies and sports equipment, also pet stuff and everyday items such as tissues, phone power cords and more is so helpful.

How about a traveling desk? Traveling desks are great for those of us who need our desktop items with us while we are out on the road going to and from client sites.  I happen to drag files and an ipad or computer with me to clients and sometimes need to work from the road. I pull over to take and make calls or stop for lunch and work while I eat.

So no matter where your desk is you can be prepared. There are so many styles to choose from I am sure one will fit your needs.

Take a peek at some great trunk organizers HERE. First think of your needs and make a list of them and ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it items or paperwork I am taking with me in the car?
  • Do I need a cooler attached for drinks and lunches?
  • How big are the items I take with me on the road?

Check out all my PINTEREST Boards for your organizing Needs! There is an Office-Mobile board as well as a Trunk Board!

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10 Responses to Office on the Go!

  1. I think these products are going to become more and more important as people split their time between working in an office and working remotely. Often people show up to a desk that isn’t truly theirs, but rather a shared workspace. This very day my son-in-law is needing to make some calls from his car, so I know he would appreciate these tools and advice!

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    • lisagessert says:

      so many changes have been made to our working environments…! I remember designing closets for The Container Store, so many would be designed in my car after measuring or a client!!


  2. I love trunk organizers! My favorite tool for car organizing is backseat mounted organizers that pop down for easy desk space. It is helpful to have a trash can to have a place for the trash that may accumulate.

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  3. Linda Samuels says:

    This brings a whole new meaning to “working remotely.” Having what you need at your fingertips whether that’s in the car, at work, or a home office is essential. And keeping it organized in a ‘something’ is even more important because stuff can shift around and easily get lost. I clicked on your link for trunk organizing products and really liked the items you sourced.

    I also like the front seat organizing unit you have in the blog post photo. Very cool.


  4. juliebestry says:

    Over the years, I’ve had so many mobile clients — pharmaceutical and other sales people, pharmacists who travel between stores, consultants — but as more people dive themselves between traditional workplaces, venues or client locations, and home offices, I suspect these kinds of setups will become more and more important. I’m curious about that steering wheel desktop and wonder how far back and I’ve to roll the seat. I’m short and my feet don’t reach the pedals until I’m pulled ALLLLL the way up, chest practically on the steering wheel, so I’d definitely have to roll back to use it, but it’s really nifty! Thanks for sharing these tips and great products.

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  5. Janet Barclay says:

    I’ve never seen a traveling desk, but what a brilliant idea! Not to use while driving, of course, but I know people who’ve sat in parking lots outside of businesses with free wi-fi when their internet was down, and this would make it so much easier. Also for kids to draw and write during road trips!

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