Is It Truly a Junk Drawer?

Every house has one.

But I wouldn’t call it my junk drawer, it is a place that houses all the little things I need, whenever I need them, and they are important items!

In my junk drawer you will find:

  • Batteries
  • Note pad
  • Pens
  • Menus
  • Birthday candles
  • Command strips
  • and a few random items that I will need…eventually!

I am in my “Junk” drawer a few times a week! Do I find the stuff in it junk? NOPE! These are the little things that make my home run smoothly.

Yes I do believe you have to purge this drawer every once in a while just like every other areas in your home.

  • Do you have a junk drawer?
  • Have you ever purged the junk in it?
  • My junk is in a little wire basket, are you containing your junk in that drawer?
  • Do you have more than one junk drawer?

What is in YOUR “junk” Drawer? Time to take a peek in yours and do a quick purge!

You can use a cutlery tray to organize your junk drawer and even that drawer can be organized!! Check out some ideas HERE, no matter how big or small your drawer is there is a solution for you!

My “junk” isn’t junk at all…..

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8 Responses to Is It Truly a Junk Drawer?

  1. I also don’t like the name “Junk drawer.” I don’t think the stuff in them is junk, either. I usually purged my junk drawer every few weeks when the kids were younger. Now I go through it every quarter.

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  2. I agree – I suggest clients not call it a junk drawer, because they don’t buy junk. They buy items they need and love. I call mine the “desk” drawer, but I also like the idea of a “supplies” drawer. Clearing it out periodically really is the secret sauce to keeping it under control. A lot ends up in there that probably needs to be walked around and put back where it belongs!

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  3. juliebestry says:

    Normally, I’m pretty persnickety about nomenclature, but I tend to think of junk as a synonym for “stuff” — “Hey, throw your junk (purse, coat, boots) over there and we’ll go have lunch.” is something I’ve been known to say. So the term “junk” doesn’t bother me personally, but somehow “junk” seems more apropos for describing a melange of things that belong together because there are too few of any one thing to make a full-drawer category. (Somehow, and ONLY when referring to junk drawers, “junk” sounds better to me than “miscellaneous,” even though they’re almost entirely the same. Of course, a “supply” drawer would be more accurate and more motivating.

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  4. Janet Barclay says:

    Our junk drawer is very small so it doesn’t tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, but there is definitely stuff in there that’s not used regularly. What we use all the time: scissors, twist ties. Occasionally: scissors, elastics. Which makes me wonder, what’s all the rest of it?

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