Time for Summer Camp?

Got Kids?

School is letting out and many parents and caregivers are are getting ready to send their kids off to camp. Whether it is a day camp or a sleep away camp there are things you are going to need to do to prepare for this. Here is my list of things to prepare:

  • Label EVERYTHING – Try these LABELS from Name Bubbles (water proof for clothing) please label clothing, personal items, backpacks, etc.
  • Make your list of items: clothing – shirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, jackets, hats, underwear, socks, swim wear
  • Make your list of items: non clothing – Stationary, stamps, medications, journals, addresses to send postcards to! They may want to write you!
  • Personal Items: shampoo, deodorant, face wash, sunblock, bug spray, hair brush, toothpaste, tooth brush, soap, etc
  • Flip flops, sneakers, sandals
  • Books

You can find tons of free checklists online, just google camp checklists. It’s very helpful so you are not forgetting anything they may need. Some camps require towels and sheets some do not, get a list from the camp as well.

While it may be a difficult conversation to broach….Along with making sure your child has everything they may need for their summer plans, I suggest also having a talk with them on personal space, trusting people and setting boundaries. Make them aware that if they feel uncomfortable to remove themselves from that situation, it is NOT ok for someone to step out of bounds with them. Body awareness is important.

Have a fabulous summer!!

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2 Responses to Time for Summer Camp?

  1. Janet Barclay says:

    Wow, your last paragraph came as a surprise, but it’s so important. For many campers, it’s their first time away from home, so you definitely want to cover all the bases to make sure it’s a safe and happy experience for your child.

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