My Year of Firsts

I lost my Bill October 3rd 2018. In widowhood, 1 year marks all the first holidays without him for the first time. I am not sure it signifies much for me as I will miss him for all the second and thirds and so on. This one change in my life reprogrammed my thinking.

Bill & Lisa 2017

The first year taught me much in what is truly important in life and what is not, for me anyway. I know I don’t put much stock in “things” or “stuff” I put more emphasis on moments and times shared and conversation had and great meals with wonderful people.

As a Professional Organizer I teach organizing to those those who struggle with what to keep and what to donate and what to toss. I do a transfer of skills as they call it so my clients know how to upkeep their spaces or their tasks.

As I went through Bill’s “things” it really rang true that “things” are just “things” and it’s the memories that we carry with us that will remain until it is our time. The stuff we accumulate aren’t love or memories or precious, it will always remain for me the memories.

I have clients who won’t throw their mother’s dishes away, so I ask them, “can you remember a great meal and conversation while eating off those plates” most say they can not, “so are you keeping it for the beauty”? most say no, they say they are keeping it because it belonged to the person…I ask again “why”?

So, as my year of firsts came to a close in October of 2019, I want to ask you all, what things are you keeping that you know you can let go of and just have the great memories that are attached to those “things”?

Be kind to you today.

If You know of a widow or widower who could use some help with organizing and all the paperwork that goes along with it, I have just begun a facebook page Organizing for Widows and Widowers and they can ask questions or share tips, etc…feel free to join!

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2 Responses to My Year of Firsts

  1. Lisa, it still makes me sad to think of you losing Bill so early and unexpectedly, but I think it’s wonderful that you’re able to use your experience to help others going through a similar experience.


    • lisagessert says:

      Thank you Janet. They were some days I still am in disbelief that I no longer have him with me but I have moved forward I have moved through my grief and now it’s just the missing him. I will always miss him but this has taught me huge lessons in life and in moving forward


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