It’s My Turn

The wheels are in motion for me to sell my condo in NY and purchase a home in an over 55 community in NJ!

I have already printed out my moving list and since I am moving to another state there will be added things on my list of things to do. My medical will change, car insurance, home insurance, doctors and so on.

When you move in your own state not as much changes except your address these days. Moving to a new state everything changes but I am up for the challenge!

I have helped clients get ready for a move, but this time it’s my turn to downsize.

I am going from 3 bedrooms 3 floors to 1 floor and 2 bedrooms and I will carry 21 years of wonderful memories with me.

Losing my husband has put me in a different place in life. An over 55 community offers so much more in things to do.

So first to do is find a buyer for this home and find a new place and get this move going!

I am creating a master list of items in my home that is going with me, being given away to family/friends and donations. So before you call the movers for a quote make sure you have paired down to what you are actually taking before you have them quote you.

Donating? Try these places:

Clothing: Dress for Success:
Household Items: Salvation Army
For our Veterans:
Accepts Everything: Goodwill
Kids clothing and toys:

So my other 3 P’s are Purge! Prepare! Pack! Create a secondary list of things you will need to do like calling your cable company, gas and electric companies. Your third list if needed should be your health insurance if you are moving out of state. I have created a “MOVE” folder and keep all my lists in there.

Boxes, packing supplies, tape and colored permanent markers. I am ready!

Wish me luck!!

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12 Responses to It’s My Turn

  1. Janet Barclay says:

    Lisa, I am so excited for you! The fact that you’ve done this for clients should make the whole process a lot easier for you. Looking forward to learning more about the new place.


  2. Wow, good luck Lisa! I think you will love your new community, and it will be so nice to no longer have to maintain such a large place. I know you have all the know-how to make the move smooth. Can’t wait to see photos of the new place!


  3. lisagessert says:

    Thank you so much Seana and Janet!! it’s always so different when it’s “us” as the client!! LOL


  4. This is a huge deal, Lisa! You sound so ready and prepared…a true pro. But I can also imagine all the feelings that are arising. I didn’t know that your husband passed away. My heart goes out to you as you create the next phase of your life. I’m sure that you’ll find a wonderful community to live in, find a buyer for your home, and have the most organized move ever. I wish you all the best as you navigate all the “moving” pieces. Extra hugs to you.


  5. Good luck, Lisa! Let us know how it goes after you move it! Thanks for sharing this great list of resources to donate unwanted stuff. =)

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  6. This is a big step for you, Lisa.
    And it sounds like you’re ready!
    Best wishes. ❤


  7. Kim Tremblay says:

    Hi Lisa,
    So awesome. It will be so nice for you to make this change. It is so interesting when we have worked in this field with clients and then we find ourselves going through these similar life changes. All the best to you. And yes we all want to hear about your move and your new place.


  8. Melanie says:

    Congratulations and best of luck going through this process we all know too well! You’ve got this!!!!!

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