Kids and Their Spaces!

When it comes to small children we can’t expect them to be like us and have everything in it’s place…right?

Teaching them some basic organizing and giving them tools they will use for the rest of their lives is what we can do early on. During this pandemic is a great time to begin teaching them since we are all stuck in together (My hat is off to you parents)

Here are my top 8 suggestions:

  1. first…get down on your knees when decorating or organizing a kids space – see the space from their view
  2. organize like you were in a kindergarten classroom – label, label, label and color code as well as creating “zones” such as a book corner, a block corner, a doll corner, etc.
  3. let the kids help when it comes to decorating their spaces – picking colors or storage bins, boxes, etc.
  4. think out of the box (literally) when it comes to storage – put crayons in clear containers for easy reach and clear vision, books on a book shelf
  5. like goes with like – socks with socks, shirts with shirts, shoes with shoes and so on, as long as they are putting things with like things I wouldn’t worry about much more than that when they are young.
  6. create “drop zones” for easy grab and go and easy return. create a drop zone for school bags, shoes, coats, etc. routine is the key and they will know exactly where they left their stuff.
  7. for each child create a file bin. I like to label the folders by year and put your child’s class photo on the front for that year. In the folder you may want to keep artwork or reports, papers. Keep these papers to a minimum and have your child select which to keep and which you can get rid of.
  8. I would also create a command center, a place where they can see the days of week and adding in some chores (start small) but not overwhelming them. Check out some of my command center ideas on my Pinterest page: Command Centers any home can have one!

I was taught early on with my kids “pick your battles” is it more important they learn to clean up or do they need to be perfect while cleaning up? For me, as long as the job gets done, who cares how.

Creating successful kids begins with us. Giving them the tools to work with and grow with. Make it fun, make it cheerful and make it easy.

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2 Responses to Kids and Their Spaces!

  1. Lisa, I had to laugh when I read your advice to “pick your battles.” That’s always been one of my mottos, especially when it comes to raising children!


  2. lisagessert says:

    LOL Janet..yes..I use to tell myself that every time I was confronted or frustrated with my kids!


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