Mastering the Art of Office Organizing

When it comes to organizing your office it will take some creativity and some patience. Most people work in their offices, the last thing they want to do is organize it or clean it. But, if you look at your office as an extension of who you are, of it being a place that will inspire,  motivate and determine your future…then make it spectacular!

Your office is where the magic happens daily, where you go to create projects, do sales, have conversations, and create plans, why wouldn’t you want a great place to work?

So no matter if your office is in a back store room, a home office, a car or a traditional office, this place should be yours, make it yours!

Inspiration: What is your inspiration? Family? friends? keeping memories and reminders of who you are will inspire you to be the best you can be. Family photos, fresh flowers, a seashell from your favorite beach, a great poem or favorite quote. No clutter, not too much, just enough inspiration to smile when you look up from your desk.

Motivation: What is your motivation? It could be for the love of it or the money you may make, but motivation gives you that drive to keep it up and keep it going. It may be setting a goal or reaching a certain time frame, sometimes we all need a little motivation to get that task done. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone, trying something new or different will get you motivated.

Determination:  Are you doing this for YOU? Do this for you first, then for the people you love. If you start this with it being just for you, you will master it. Make that decision, take the first step, Determination is a positive emotional feeling that involves persevering towards a difficult goal in spite of obstacles!

So take a look at some ideas I have on my Pinterest Board maybe that will give you the Inspiration, Motivation or Determination to mix things up in your office.

  • Keep it simple: not just minimal, eye pleasing
  • Keep it clean: not just dust free, clutter free
  • Keep it clear: at the end of your day, clear up paperwork, etc. and be ready for your next day.
  • Keep it functional: What do your files look like? Check out these FOLDERS to give your files a POP!

Get Started TODAY! Set a time to get your office looking like you want to be there!

About lisagessert

Professional Organizer/Productivity Consultant - Connect with me to see how your time and space can be more efficient for you! 917.887.8672
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2 Responses to Mastering the Art of Office Organizing

  1. Janet Barclay says:

    I love that you talk about inspiration, determination and motivation. So often when we think about office organization, we focus on function, but how we feel can make a huge difference on how well we do our jobs!


  2. lisagessert says:

    Thank you Janet. Yes, for me how I feel in a space is crucial to me being inspired and motivated.


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